Autonet Group

Autonet Group Holding is one of the most prominent suppliers within the auto repair segment in CEE, being comprised of Autonet Import Romania, Autonet Import Hungary, Autonet Import Slovenia (aftermarket suppliers for the auto repairs segment), Lubexpert Romania, Lubexpert Hungary, Lubexpert Slovakia (lubricants), Forsius (auto paints), Network Systems (IT & Web services, Marketing agency), Garage Assist (service equipments), A 24 (roadside assistance), Dynamic Software Solutions (IT), Point S (tires), Autonet Management Company (management).

Autonet Import, the largest company within the group, is the largest supplier of auto parts across Romania. The company was founded in 1996 and handles customers in three countries (Romania, Hungary and Slovenia), through its three distribution centers and 71 regional warehouses.

The Autonet Group has over 1,800 employees in the four countries it operates (Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia). The turnover for 2018 has reached EUR 359 million.