Service Concepts

One of the most exciting business directions for Autonet is our partnership with some of the biggest car-service networks in Europe, aimed at providing their customers with full-option service concepts.

Autonet is involved in the process from start to finish, offering a comprehensive service concept package that contains everything from technical assistance and training to centralized advertising and promotional support.

For our customers, partnering with Autonet means new business perspectives, a higher level of service and qualifications,and ultimately,a rise in the number of customers as well as profitability. All the three service concepts that we offer to our partners have their own unique features and cover a specific segment of the market. Whether our partner workshops are specialised in offering a broad range of services for mainstream vehicles, or in high-end quality services for premium car makes, Autonet is there to provide the appropriate service concept. Thus they are ideal for partners who want to improve on the level of performance in their businesses.