The first two episodes of the 6th Autonet Mobility Show season

May is, traditionally, the Autonet Mobility Show month, as two of the three yearly events take place in the last of the spring months. Romanian and Hungarian service and repair professionals were present in great numbers in Cluj-Napoca and Budapest, on the 6th and the 20th of May, to learn the latest innovations in their field and to enjoy the surprises prepared for them.

This year has brought a new format and numerous improvements and novelties for the Autonet Mobility Shows. The events gained in dynamic and density, as the switch was made from two-day shows to single-day shows. The format change generated an increase in activity, but also in enthusiasm, for both Autonet customers and for suppliers.

The most important spare parts and automotive systems manufacturers presented their innovations and demonstrated their professional competences to participants visiting their booths. Service equipment also generated a great deal of interest among repair professionals always looking to upgade their workshop hardware. As hosts, the Autonet Group had a strong presence, being represented by its companies, various departments and service concepts. The Group hat three premieres for the Romanian and Hungarian markets, presenting the freshest additions to its portfolio. The newest private brand of the company was introduced – DriveMax lubricants and chemicals bring quality and diversity for customers. Garage Meister is the new Autonet private brand for service equipment, numerous visitors expressing their interest in the product range available. Autonet has also broadened its service concept ensemble with CarXpert. After successful operation in Switzerland and Austria, the service concept was launched in Romania and Hungary, by Autonet.

The professional aspect of the Autonet Mobility Shows was augmented by numerous promotions, competitions and the brand new Passport concept, which bolstered visitors to become more involved in the activities proposed by the exhibitors and gave them the opportunity to win important prizes.

Entertainment has become an important component of every Autonet Mobility Show and in Cluj-Napoca and Budapest, visitors had the opportunity to have an unforgettable time enjoying the surprises and fun items offered by the event „menu”. Some of the most appreciated Romanian and Hungarian artists gave great performances prompting the spectators to sing along, dance and even share the glamour of the stage with the artists. Apart from the electrifying concerts, there were activities prepared for every family member, regardless of age.


Autonet Mobility Show Cluj-Napoca had a total surface of 11.000 square meters and 112 exhibition booths. A staff of 500, representing the Autonet Group and its suppliers, welcomed a record-braking 6.300 visitors, representing customers, partners and collaborators. In Budapest, on an impresive 20.000 square meters allocated for the event, 350 staff were present to assist the almost 3.000 Hungarian service professionals with the highlights and attractions supplied by 78 exhibition booths and with the entertainment features available.

The Autonet Mobility Show series of events started six years ago and every year, with every event that passes, it has broken the attendance record of the previous edition. The ever increasing level of interest shown by Romanian and Hungarian service and repair professionals highlights the importance of the shows on the two markets and it represents the most important incentive for the organizing team to set a higher standard with every event. Bucharest will host the third and final Autonet Mobility Show of 2017 and the Autonet team is looking forward to enjoy the company of its customers and suppliers, once more.