About us

Autonet Import LTD is one of the most important business conglomerates in the automotive and repair industry in the region. Besides a comprehensive portfolio, we cater various services, concepts and knowledge base to almost 9000 B2B partners both in Hungary and Romania.

In the last two years, in addition to the PC/LCV segment, significant developments have been made in supplying the CV market and in the case of the Fleet Management business unit as well. Both high-priority business units provide full-range, quality services in their own management and business systems for partners with specific needs.

The headquartes of Autonet Import LTD operations is in Satu Mare, North-West Romania, where the business started.

Over 50% of our team, organized in functional departments, are working in a modern office building. Well-equipped conference, meeting and training rooms offer modern working conditions for the staff and visitors alike.

Autonet Group Holding is one of the most prominent suppliers within the auto repair segment in CEE, being comprised of Autonet Import Romania, Autonet Import Hungary, Autonet Import Slovenia (aftermarket suppliers for the auto repairs segment), Lubexpert Romania, Lubexpert Hungary, Lubexpert Slovakia (lubricants), Forsius (auto paints), Network Systems (IT & Web services, Marketing agency), Garage Assist (service equipments), A 24 (roadside assistance), Dynamic Software Solutions (IT), Point S (tires), Autonet Management Company (management).

Autonet Import, the largest company within the group, is the largest supplier of auto parts across Romania. The company was founded in 1996 and handles customers in three countries (Romania, Hungary and Slovenia), through its four distribution centers and 71 regional warehouses.

The Autonet Group has over 1.800 employees in the four countries it operates (Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia). The turnover for 2018 has reached 359 million Euros.

Vision & Mission


The leader of the automotive industry in providing integrated solutions for the renewed, motorized societies of Central-Eastern Europe, with a guarantee of mobility, traffic security and environment protection, for a higher level of the quality of life. 

Developing a knowledge based, customer-oriented services and products business in which our successful, professional team, striving for self-actualization, aware of their high social responsibility, provides the product-information-know-how unit following the future trends of the profession, as a complete solution to the repairing, maintenance and equipping branches of the automotive industry, in the service of the needs for mobility, traffic security and environment protection.