History and development

Autonet Import, the first member of the Group, has started with only 3 employees, but with a greater enthusiasm in Romania 23 years ago and it is a market leader since 2003.

The fast growth brought fundamental changes in the structure of the company every two years, only one thing remained unchanged: the partnership centered orientation.

At present in the three countries over 1600 employees are of service in precisely defined business units to more than 9000 exclusively B2B Partners.

According to Autonet's philosophy the spare parts trade in itself is not enough, as our Partners' expectations are much higher. Our Partners' needs come from the expectations of the end customers, for who a magical phenomenon is most important: MOBILITY. We can be a competitive and professional supplier only if we know and completely fulfill all the demands of the customer chain.

Since 2005 AUTONET Group is equal member and shareholder of ATR International AG - the umbrella organization of the major automotive trade cooperations in Europe, having the most dynamic growth from the members, contributing to the successes and prestige of the organization.

The mandates of the two candidates delegated in the Supervisory Board and in the Steering Committee of ATR are recognition for both the persons and the team they represent, as both the long-term customer-oriented approach of AUTONET IMPORT and the effort to provide fully comprehensive solutions for business partners are regarded as examples by many big European companies in the same field of activity.