About the company


Autonet Import is one of the most important suppliers of automotive products and services, on the Romanian market, and proposes to maintain its high standards and grow constantly, offering new solutions and services to best meet his customers needs.

The company was founded in 1996 and serves over 20,000 customers in Romania through its two regional distribution centers and 60 regional warehouses.

ATR Member

ATR (Auto-Teile-Ring) represents the globe’s largest association of automotive spare part importers and distributors, and as proud members since 2005, we have achieved one of the most dynamic developments compared to the other, 270 firms from 62 countries.
This dynamic development of the company has been maintained to this day, registering continuous growth and contributing to the consolidation of the European market. As an unquestionable leader of the Romanian market*, we are continuously developing and extending our operations in Hungary and Slovenia in order to establish the company’s future growth.

Recognised quality

By constantly improving our portfolio of products and services, Autonet aims to cover every segments of an expanding industry. We are proud that very effort and every programme implemented has directly been awarded several ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Along with the awarded ISO Certifications, our ATR membership is a great way to showcase the attention to quality that we represent.

Vision & Mission


The leader of the automotive industry in providing integrated solutions for the renewed, motorized societies of Central-Eastern Europe, with a guarantee of mobility, traffic security and environment protection, for a higher level of the quality of life. 


Developing a knowledge based, customer-oriented services and products business in which our successful, professional team, striving for self-actualization, aware of their high social responsibility, provides the product-information-know-how unit following the future trends of the profession, as a complete solution to the repairing, maintenance, and equipping branches of the automotive industry, in the service of the needs for mobility, traffic security and environment protection.