QWP supported Nicolas Leutwiler is the Le Mans Cup champion driving a Porsche 911

PZ Oberer Zürichsee by TFT pilot, supported by QWP, won the drivers championship title in the 2021 Michelin Le Mans Cup, GT3 category. Nicolas Leutwiler drives a Porsche 911 GT3, together with his two teammates, and a second place in the last stage of the competition secured the overall drivers title for the Swiss driver.


Autonet Remote – the new remote diagnosis solution

Autonet Remote is a new remote diagnosis concept. Through a dedicated helpdesk, a specialist can completely take over a vehicle diagnosis process. This solution allows numerous operations to be undertaken, such as tow bar coding, injector coding and service resets, electronic component coding, base settings, etc. These examples are just a few of the wide range of options we offer our partners. The most important advantage is that the vehicle does not need to leave your workshop, a benefit that saves time and money.

Team and career

We have almost 1,400 employees in Romania, who form a young and dedicated team, with an average age of 36 years. Our team has grown year by year, now reaching almost 1400 professionals in Romania, whose experience, dedication and know-how have made us the best in the field. We motivate and improve the team s performance through specialized trainings and courses, so that our staff is prepared to respond promptly and efficiently to all customer requirements.